Minute soup

Meet miso soup. If you haven't been acquainted, you really ought to get to know each other. That's because this soup is not only delicious, but it's ready in minutes. And any homemade dinner in minutes is a working mom's dear friend. Still, this week my daughter brought miso soup to school in a thermos, … Continue reading Minute soup

Homemade ramen & miracle mommies

What to you do when your 9-yr.-old looks at you with these eyes: And says this: Mommy, you know that noodle soup in the box that you won't ever buy? Can you find a way to make it? You say yes. And then you think: Freeze-dried, fake-flavored, factory-made soup? My kid thinks I can work … Continue reading Homemade ramen & miracle mommies

Monday night miso

My cupboards are still bare, post Yom Tov, and my fridge is looking even worse. That's the typical state of affairs around here on a Monday, which made last night the perfect evening for miso soup. It's just about the easiest soup I make and includes ingredients I always have in stock. I buy miso … Continue reading Monday night miso