Bumper crop of sunchokes

Remember Jack and the Beanstalk? We had sunchoke plants so tall this year that more than one passerby wondered when the Giant was coming. I'm not sure what is the best part of growing sunchokes (also known as Jerusalem artichokes): the nutty-potato taste that melts in my mouth, the yellow flowers at the top of … Continue reading Bumper crop of sunchokes

Garden winners–in December!

It's early December, and I harvested most of our dinner from the backyard farm garden. Sure, it's been a warm winter so far, but there definitely has been frost on the ground some nights, and both our kale and our sunchokes made it into December. Now, if that sounds like serious gardening skills, it's not, … Continue reading Garden winners–in December!

If you find ’em, grab ’em!

I'll admit it. I let out a gasp and my heart gave a little leap when I spotted these dirty little tubers at Market Place on Oakton. Once they're cleaned up, peeled and roasted, sunchokes have a delicious flavor like nothing else I've ever tasted. Also known as Jerusalem artichokes, these root vegetables resemble ginger … Continue reading If you find ’em, grab ’em!