Garden fresh salsa

We've got tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and cilantro galore out back right now just waiting to become salsa. And even if you don't, the farmers' markets grew it for you. Make this recipe once, and you're not likely to ever use store-bought salsa again. Eat it by the spoonful, pour it over burritos or munch on … Continue reading Garden fresh salsa

Veggie wraps to go

With only one hour between camp pick-ups, I needed a quick, healthy dinner for the road. Yesterday was stunning, and I had big plans for lounging at the pool. Long before health clubs were cool, my family belonged to the Westerville Athletic Club. Sure, my parents worked out a little, maybe walked the track or … Continue reading Veggie wraps to go

Have it your way Tex Mex dinner

Making homemade tortillas every week has meant that I've gotten pretty good at flipping them in the pan. So last night when I flipped a tortilla with one hand while holding my baby in the other (not that I'd recommend cooking while holding a baby!), my daughter exclaimed, "You're like a real cook!" Got her … Continue reading Have it your way Tex Mex dinner