After school snack ideas

No matter how much food I pack in my kids' lunches, every day they come home from the bus famished. I'm lucky if I get a hug before I get a load of whining. Many days I'm too busy finishing up work to prepare an after school snack. But every time I do get something … Continue reading After school snack ideas

My big lunch box plans

If there's any mom out there who enjoys making lunches, I'd like to meet her. And then I won't believe her. Here's how lunch making has gone down at our house in the past: Bleary eyed after working too late, I head to the kitchen to spend 20 minutes preparing 4 lunches before bed. I … Continue reading My big lunch box plans

Carrot cake granola bars

I can't eat carrot cake without thinking of Grandpa Phil. Technically, he was Step-Grandpa Phil, but I liked him and (Step-) Grandma "Norky" enough that I had no qualms about acquiring them as another set of grandparents. While Grandma Norky was "like butter," Grandpa Phil was a little rough at the edges. I saw just … Continue reading Carrot cake granola bars

Homemade soft pretzels–for dinner

This neighborhood's a ghost town, with many families off in search of the sun and others splashing around at local water park hotels. Some of us, though, are at work, trying valiantly to keep children at home busy with the help of a little creativity. Yesterday, that meant homemade soft pretzels. And when they happened … Continue reading Homemade soft pretzels–for dinner

Granola bars good enough to eat the whole batch

I used to send my kids to school with a granola bar everyday just so I would be sure they wouldn't starve. The exact same granola bar. I'd extract it from the bottom of their lunch bags when it would become crushed beyond use and replace it with another one that would never be eaten … Continue reading Granola bars good enough to eat the whole batch