Healthy ‘American’ pie

There are loads of ideas for fun 4th of July activities and crafts for families online. Most of the desserts, though, contain lots of sugar and food coloring. This one is full of fruit, whole grains and uses less refined sugar. Happy 4th! Enjoy! FRUIT PIZZA 'AMERICAN PIE' For the crust: 2 cups whole wheat … Continue reading Healthy ‘American’ pie

Baked apples

Anyone with a sweet tooth (read: women) knows it's hard to control. That's because sugar is addictive and the food scientists employed by companies stocking our shelves know it Whether you're reining in your sweet tooth or not, these apples are divine. Kids and adults alike end up licking the bowl. We make them for … Continue reading Baked apples

Chocolate frozen berries

See this chard? We watered it this morning. It's too darn hot. But if outside isn't hot enough, imagine sitting on a school bus today. I can count on my kids coming in drenched and crabby today. Good thing kids tend to be more resilient. And good thing this frozen treat took 2 minutes to … Continue reading Chocolate frozen berries

Almond butter vegan ‘ice cream’

In every sense of the word, there are a lot of bad frozen parve desserts out there. Rich's Whip, anyone? Granted, there are also some good ones these days. Non dairy sorbets and a few products at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods are tasty. That is if you like paying loads of money for ice … Continue reading Almond butter vegan ‘ice cream’

Anjou de vin…or pears in wine compote

There must have been a sale on Bartenura Moscato wine, I tell you. You know that wine in the blue bottle with so little alcohol that Granola Baby can chug it without getting drunk? Well, we have loads of it. The trouble with this wine, is that if you don't use it all in one … Continue reading Anjou de vin…or pears in wine compote

Berry Yummy Cereal Bars…with a spot of tea

Granola Baby is growing up so fast. He likes an afternoon spot of tea these days, begging incessantly for "coco-wawa," which refers to any hot drink--coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Some days I acquiesce to warmed milk with a little chocolate in it, but most days when I prepare my own afternoon coffee, Granola Baby … Continue reading Berry Yummy Cereal Bars…with a spot of tea

Crispy Buckeye Treats for Football Games or Any Day

Growing up in Columbus, Ohio I was taught to despise Michigan as much as I loved the OSU Buckeyes. To this day, just the thought of the Wolverines conjures up a four-letter word version of their fight song. To understand Buckeye fever, you really have to visit a mall in Columbus. On any given day, … Continue reading Crispy Buckeye Treats for Football Games or Any Day