Last minute edible gifts

Celebrating this week or not, there's hardly anyone who won't be gift giving to family, colleagues or even the cleaning lady. If you haven't gotten something together yet, or if you need to beef up a present you already purchased, there's nothing like homemade goodies. And since you're already running late here, I've sorted through … Continue reading Last minute edible gifts

Granoladox Cafe

No, I haven't decided to quit my day job. But for one day only, stop by the Granoladox Cafe for some good, healthy eats. We'll be guessed it--granola. And the best part? Food is free! Chag Purim Sameach!

Trail mix for Parshas Beshalach

If I ever had a chance to sit down and read the Torah portion on Shabbos, it would be this week's parsha. It's jammed pack--the Jews finally escape Egypt only to be pursued by Pharoah and his great army. The sea splits, the Jews cross, the Egyptians drown and the women go wild singing and … Continue reading Trail mix for Parshas Beshalach