Last minute edible gifts

Celebrating this week or not, there's hardly anyone who won't be gift giving to family, colleagues or even the cleaning lady. If you haven't gotten something together yet, or if you need to beef up a present you already purchased, there's nothing like homemade goodies. And since you're already running late here, I've sorted through … Continue reading Last minute edible gifts

White chocolate chip & PB granola bars

If you're solely a chocolate lover, you're not going to get this. Just be quiet and use chocolate chips. But if you love vanilla ice cream better than chocolate and white chocolate chips better than chocolate chips, you are salivating right now. True, white chocolate is not sophisticated, and it's mostly made of sugar, but … Continue reading White chocolate chip & PB granola bars

Anniversary blog

It's been one year since starting this blog and adopting what has since become my alter ego. In honor of the occasion, I'm reposting a few granola recipes... This is Granoladox, after all. Thanks to everyone for reading! Granola: My every morning breakfast. Chocolate chip granola bars: A staple in our house. Carrot cake granola … Continue reading Anniversary blog

Double dinners this week

Pesach is expensive enough as it is; the food alone is at least double what I would normally spend in a week. Add to that the spring clothes and shoes we all need, yom tov gifts, chol hamoed activities and the random gadgets I purchase for the kitchen--and we've just about blown our budget for … Continue reading Double dinners this week

Tu B’Shevat granola bars

I can't think of Tu B'Shevat without thinking of Tone, short for Antonio--an Italian Catholic co-worker from my days at JUF News. On each Jewish holiday, the HR department would deliver a festive goody: honey on Rosh HaShanah, chocolate on Chanukah, Hamentashen on get the idea. The first time I saw the cart roll … Continue reading Tu B’Shevat granola bars

PB and J cereal bars

I used to buy boxes of Trader Joe's cereal bars by the dozen. The only problem was that my kids would eat one and immediately ask for another. And I would bring one to work everyday and feel pretty much the same. ...Until I made my own. These bars are just as yummy and fill … Continue reading PB and J cereal bars

Granola bars good enough to eat the whole batch

I used to send my kids to school with a granola bar everyday just so I would be sure they wouldn't starve. The exact same granola bar. I'd extract it from the bottom of their lunch bags when it would become crushed beyond use and replace it with another one that would never be eaten … Continue reading Granola bars good enough to eat the whole batch