How to plant a garden

Everyone knows the basic science of growing plants: soil+sun+water=healthy plant. Right? That is, until you get to the garden store with plans to replicate that science yourself.All the sudden, you're faced with mounds of every kind of dirt, hummus, compost, mulches, plant feeding systems and more. And that's assuming you've already figured out what you're … Continue reading How to plant a garden

What I learned from gardening

I was 20 when I tasted my first garden tomato. That's right, 20. I was visiting a friend in Indiana, and she sent me home with two pints of fresh-off-the-vine cherry tomatoes. Three hours later, I had no more tomatoes and a stomachache to prove it. But, at least I'd been bitten by the gardening … Continue reading What I learned from gardening

Getting out to garden

Gardening has become a Mother's Day tradition around here, thanks to Chicago's late spring and the let's-do-what-mommy-wants theme of the day. Even in years where we've had obstacles--like an overdue baby or inclement weather--we've managed to get a few plants in the ground. This year, it meant planting (and planning) around 8 carpools. Aided by … Continue reading Getting out to garden