Tomatos Galore!

After two weeks of vacation (more on that to come!), the state of our tomato plants makes it pretty obvious what's for dinner. And lunch. And, anyone want tomatoes and eggs? Anyone? We've been munching on tomatoes and feta (add some basil), spicy salsa and slurping up tomato soup. HOMEMADE TOMATO SOUP 1 medium onion, … Continue reading Tomatos Galore!

Garden glory

We pretty much ate exclusively from the garden last Shabbos, as we should in mid-August. Put enough money and time into the backyard, and with a little luck, you get to reap the rewards, literally. The garden prize goes to the potatoes. You know those gross "eyes" that grow out of old potatoes? Well, you … Continue reading Garden glory

Garden fresh salsa

We've got tomatoes, jalapeno peppers and cilantro galore out back right now just waiting to become salsa. And even if you don't, the farmers' markets grew it for you. Make this recipe once, and you're not likely to ever use store-bought salsa again. Eat it by the spoonful, pour it over burritos or munch on … Continue reading Garden fresh salsa

Fresh garden potatoes

Sometimes gardening feels like magic. When you harvest a beautiful crop, all the work falls to the wayside, making it seem like the veggies appeared effortlessly. But, with this week's potatoes, that's actually what happened. It all started last spring when I divided up some old potatoes from my kitchen into pieces with eyes on … Continue reading Fresh garden potatoes

If all else fails, we’ve got kale

We've put hours into our garden, mostly because we enjoy it. There's nothing like the satisfaction of picking food off a plant that you planted and nurtured. Nothing tastes as good either. The first few tomatoes are starting to ripen, but it remains to be seen if we'll get a good crop. If all else … Continue reading If all else fails, we’ve got kale