3-Day Yom Tov Plan

There's a lot to do to get ready for Rosh Hashana. Fall clothes to purchase, food to buy, menus to plan and--oh, yeah--teshuva to do. After all that, there's little time to plan more, but I'd like to humbly suggest one more plan to make all these days of cooking and eating leave us fulfilled … Continue reading 3-Day Yom Tov Plan

Stocking the pantry

I informed two friends last week that Trader Joe's opened in Evanston, four miles away from my house. It's so close that I pass by there on Sunday morning runs, and yet there are still plenty of people nearby who have no idea that this less-expensive-full-of-kosher-food-grocery is right under their noses. So, in their honor, … Continue reading Stocking the pantry

Can’t beat the local farmers’ markets

Try a peach from the farmers’ market, and you’ll know why I have to ration them. They look similar to the peaches you might find at a grocery, but pick it up and it screams for you to eat it immediately. The smell is so strong, you feel like you’re walking through an orchard. And … Continue reading Can’t beat the local farmers’ markets

Blueberry muffins for blueberry season

Last week was July 11, and every kid knows that means free slurpees. Including mine. And since I'm not a vigilante, I took them to our local 7/11 to slurp down a sugary, artificially flavored and artificially colored treat, red teeth and all. Then we redeemed ourselves, biking to the farmers' market in Evanston. We … Continue reading Blueberry muffins for blueberry season

Spring fruits & a farmers’ market monkey

There's a big sign in the middle of our Evanston farmers' market that reads: No Dogs Allowed in Farmers' Market. If it weren't so non-PC, they might add: No Walking Babies Allowed in Farmers' Market. I was fully unprepared for my first trip to the market with Granola Baby this year. Did I mention his … Continue reading Spring fruits & a farmers’ market monkey

Best honey ever

I have always had a thing for cinnamon. So much so that my high school journalism teacher, Miss Hines (I never actually had her, but that's a technicality), sent me off to college with a Sam's Club canister of fireballs. I ate the whole thing first semester. By myself. These days I don't eat much … Continue reading Best honey ever

Stocking the pantry

Half the battle in cooking a new recipe is to already have the ingredients in my house. I don't care how good your chili, tacos or soup is--if I don't have the ingredients, I am turning the page. My family's hungry now! So here's a list of our staple foods, categorized by store. I'm sure … Continue reading Stocking the pantry