Blooming Onion…Almost

Ever taste a blooming onion? The thing practically melts in your mouth. It also sits in your gut. You eat it because your eyes think it's a good idea, and then your stomach hates you for the rest of the night. Try this simpler, healthier onion for a delicious side that you can eat and … Continue reading Blooming Onion…Almost

Cheesy steak fries

Maybe it was the sun during my run or maybe it was the 8 mile bike ride with Granola Baby in the trailer--but when I came home famished 10 minutes before the big kids' bus came along, we ended up with the most random dinner. Homemade waffles, black bean soup and cheesy steak fries. Told … Continue reading Cheesy steak fries

My 2nd Favorite Fall Veggies

I'm using all my restraint to keep from giving you another pumpkin recipe so that I can give you the fall recipe you have all been waiting for--roasted brussel sprouts. Wait! Don't go yet! I promise I'll make it worth your while. These veggies get a bad rap. Just the sound of them makes your … Continue reading My 2nd Favorite Fall Veggies