Creamy corn soup

What this soup lacks in looks, it makes up for in taste and time. It takes all of 5 minutes to prepare it and another 15 minutes (or so) to cook it. Once it's done, adults and kids alike will devour it. CREAMY CORN SOUP 16oz. corn (I use one bag of frozen corn) 1/2t … Continue reading Creamy corn soup

Make a sandwich and call it dinner

If it was hard to find time to cook in the summer because I was too busy playing, it's even harder now that I'm too busy shlepping. Between carpools, extracurriculars, coaching running club and work, there's little time for dinner. And yet, my kids are hungrier than ever after school.One of my favorite go-to dinners … Continue reading Make a sandwich and call it dinner

All you need is soup

My toes are frozen and so are my pipes. This "polar vortex" has been so miserable that I actually joined a gym. Yes, after more than a decade of running in Chicago winters, I gave in. New Year's was my last run outside, and I actually thought I might die. Whether it was the ice, … Continue reading All you need is soup

Winter warmth soup

I'm on my fourth cup of tea, and I'm still cold. I don't mean to complain, except my knuckles started hurting this week, the day the temperature turned south. I'm 35. Too young for arthritis. Time to move. But alas, we like our friends, our family and our house. Plus, we have jobs. I'll have … Continue reading Winter warmth soup

Every picky eater needs a Rachel

I served polenta last night, a quick Italian dish made of corn meal. It's delicious and can be prepared in infinite ways. Most importantly, it's quick and cheap. We all love it--except my pickiest eater. He always claimed to "hate" polenta. Until yesterday evening. When I served the kids polenta, my 6-year-old started with his … Continue reading Every picky eater needs a Rachel

Salmon cakes for beach bums

Winter break starts this Friday for most schools around here, and with so many people packing up for Florida, a girl can get kinda stir crazy. As a kid, winter break meant sun and beach, with loads of seafood for dinner. And since my grandmother's usual order of a "female lobster" (don't ask me what … Continue reading Salmon cakes for beach bums