Cinco de Mayo pudding

Before I even heard of Mark Bittman, I was making this NY Times recipe for Mexican chocolate pudding. And while I spent most of today thinking about Yom HaShoah, Cinco de Mayo tends to better lend itself to a recipe post. Besides, I could use a chocolate pick-me-up. MEXICAN TOFU PUDDING (from a NY Times … Continue reading Cinco de Mayo pudding

Build Your Own Cookie

It wasn't until I got rid of cookbooks that I started to enjoy cooking. Sure, I still use them a bit, but looking back and forth at a recipe is tiresome. Throwing ingredients in a bowl and coming up with something halfway decent is fun. A little like being a scientist or artist, right? So, … Continue reading Build Your Own Cookie

One-minute cake

Maybe you don't have a lot of time. Maybe you're on a diet and only want a small treat. Or maybe you want to limit the amount of cake crumbs available for little people to scatter around the house. For us, the best reason for making this chocolate cake is the one-minute wait. Just … Continue reading One-minute cake

Chocolate almond butter cups

Of all my 7 steps to a healthier home, getting rid of trans fat is the easiest one. Word has gotten out that no amount of trans fat (aka partially hydrogenated oils) is good for you, and food manufacturers have replaced the margarine with other oils. Much of the Orthodox community, however, lags behind. Many … Continue reading Chocolate almond butter cups

Begging for chocolate, among other things

Granola Baby's entered the parroting phase. That boy says just about everything now, I tell you. The other day he added three crucial words to his budding vocabulary: 1. Target. His sad state of affairs as kid #4 means that Target is just about the most exciting place he goes. And mine too. 2. Poopy … Continue reading Begging for chocolate, among other things