Mountains, s’mores and bears, oh my!

Just back from a week in the Smoky Mountains, and it couldn't have been more perfect. Our annual family camping trip is always a highlight, but our adventure last week was over the top. Recorded for posterity below is our day-by-day adventures, which you can read if you're like my mom, who's willing to listen … Continue reading Mountains, s’mores and bears, oh my!

Fun and cheap vacation

I can't remember ever needing a vacation as badly as I do this summer. To me, that means somewhere quiet, spotty internet service, water and hiking. And for accommodations? Our tent. Now, before you write me off as once again up to my granola antics, hear me out. While camping may not be for everyone, … Continue reading Fun and cheap vacation

Counting Stars & Blessings

There are no traffic lights in much of Door County, WI. There are hardly any chain restaurants or big box stores. There isn't even much WIFI. What's there are endless beaches, hiking trails, countless boats, and five bikes for every one car. And stars. Millions of 'em. There's nothing like starring up at a starry … Continue reading Counting Stars & Blessings

Our vacation home & boat

We checked out of this town last week for six days of camping in the woods of Door County, bringing everything we could possibly need--kayak and all. Now, if sleeping in a tent sounds crazy, consider these highlights of the week: My 5-yr.-old woke at 3AM to go to the bathroom one night (yes, there … Continue reading Our vacation home & boat

‘Gearing’ up for vacation

With the last week of camp upon us, most of my neighborhood is gearing up for vacation. This place turn into a ghost town in mid August. For our family, that means one thing: camping! Now, before you write me off as once again up to my granola antics, hear me out. While camping may … Continue reading ‘Gearing’ up for vacation

‘Best vacation ever’

As I sat on the silky sand of an almost-empty beach under clear blue skies, with the temperature in the upper 70s, I might as well have been in the Caribbean. Except we only had to drive 5 hours north of our home in Chicago to get there. We just returned from an incredible week … Continue reading ‘Best vacation ever’

Our vacation home

Last summer we refinanced our mortgage, and when the broker asked if we owned a second home, I answered, “Yes. We have a tent, and we can take it anywhere.” Sure, our home has its obvious disadvantages (namely a lack of AC and leaky windows in a rainstorm), but the benefits far outweigh them. Here … Continue reading Our vacation home