Blueberry muffins for blueberry season

Last week was July 11, and every kid knows that means free slurpees. Including mine. And since I'm not a vigilante, I took them to our local 7/11 to slurp down a sugary, artificially flavored and artificially colored treat, red teeth and all. Then we redeemed ourselves, biking to the farmers' market in Evanston. We … Continue reading Blueberry muffins for blueberry season

Something from nothing

We just returned from a family bar mitzvah in Cherry Hill, NJ, where my kids had what they described as the "best time of their lives." Aside from enjoying hours running around giggling with their cousins, my girls partied until nearly 1AM. See Exhibit A. A weekend away, though, meant that my fridge was pretty … Continue reading Something from nothing