Counting Stars & Blessings

There are no traffic lights in much of Door County, WI. There are hardly any chain restaurants or big box stores. There isn't even much WIFI. What's there are endless beaches, hiking trails, countless boats, and five bikes for every one car. And stars. Millions of 'em. There's nothing like starring up at a starry … Continue reading Counting Stars & Blessings

What I have learned from biking

See this bike? I want it. I'm not getting it, but I think I deserve it after yesterday's 16 miles of errands on my bike. You might think that 16 miles isn't that much, but when you're pulling an average of 100lbs., it surely is. By the end of the day, my legs felt like … Continue reading What I have learned from biking

City’s 2nd best path is right under your nose

Bet you didn't know that arguably the best biking and running path--after the Lakefront--is right here in West Rogers Park. I once didn't, and I lived two blocks away. Or maybe you noticed bikers and runners heading under the Lincoln Avenue bridge while you were stopped at the light on Kedzie. But did you explore … Continue reading City’s 2nd best path is right under your nose

Our vacation home & boat

We checked out of this town last week for six days of camping in the woods of Door County, bringing everything we could possibly need--kayak and all. Now, if sleeping in a tent sounds crazy, consider these highlights of the week: My 5-yr.-old woke at 3AM to go to the bathroom one night (yes, there … Continue reading Our vacation home & boat

This just might make you try biking

Forget about the fact that biking's more fun, healthier, cheaper, greener and sometimes (in the case of camp carpools) even easier than driving a car. And never mind that biking teaches your children independence and self reliance. No matter what I say, you're never going to try biking. Because biking with your family would mean … Continue reading This just might make you try biking

Livin’ in the tropics

I'm not sure why Chicago's 87 degrees in mid-March, and I'm certainly not going to complain. All I know is that it's hard to stay inside cleaning when it feels like summer. Yesterday I compromised by biking to Hungarian for my first round of Pesach shopping. I only had an hour, and by the time … Continue reading Livin’ in the tropics

‘Best vacation ever’

As I sat on the silky sand of an almost-empty beach under clear blue skies, with the temperature in the upper 70s, I might as well have been in the Caribbean. Except we only had to drive 5 hours north of our home in Chicago to get there. We just returned from an incredible week … Continue reading ‘Best vacation ever’

Find the best parking spot every time

Like any good American woman, I spend a significant portion of my income (and time!) at Target. Today, after wandering the store for too long, I had only 15 minutes to pay before camp pick up. Seven minutes later, I was still in line. When I finally paid, I rushed out the door and walked … Continue reading Find the best parking spot every time