Breaking Away

While biking for transportation might not be for everyone, biking for recreation should be. Biking with the family is a blast. Even if you haven't taken a ride in years, Chicago's landscape is entirely flat, and you know what they say about learning to ride a bike... Below is a list of some great┬ánearby places … Continue reading Breaking Away

Fitness in the forest

Today was my day to choose the family activity. Over Sukkos, my kids had already taken a train and boat tour (explicit directions here) of Chicago, ending at the Hershey's store, seen a live concert and visited a pumpkin farm and spectacular park. But when I told my gang that we were headed to the … Continue reading Fitness in the forest

This just might make you try biking

Forget about the fact that biking's more fun, healthier, cheaper, greener and sometimes (in the case of camp carpools) even easier than driving a car. And never mind that biking teaches your children independence and self reliance. No matter what I say, you're never going to try biking. Because biking with your family would mean … Continue reading This just might make you try biking

The No Car Challenge

If you live in my neighborhood, you've probably seen me. I'm the Mama Duck on a bike with a baby in the trailer and three more ducklings trailing on bikes behind me. We get around the neighborhood this way from spring through fall, biking to any place within 2 miles. I have friends and strangers … Continue reading The No Car Challenge

Family fitness plus iced treats

I don' t know about Happiest Baby on the Block, but after logging loads of miles in the jogging stroller and the bike trailer over the past year, Granola Baby might win the prize for fittest baby on the block. My 4-year-old, though, has been at a harder age to join me on runs this … Continue reading Family fitness plus iced treats