‘Greated’ root vegetables

As if there aren't enough rules on Passover, I've added one more. This one, though, makes the holiday a lot more pleasurable (and digestible!): I won't make or eat anything on Pesach that I wouldn't enjoy eating during the rest of the year. That said, my plan for the next few weeks is to include … Continue reading ‘Greated’ root vegetables

Wild rice and root vegetables for Thanksgiving

Somewhere between putting my kids to bed and sitting down to work on Monday, I glanced at the calendar on my fridge. I stopped dead in my tracks when I realized Thanksgiving is next Thursday. It's not that I didn't know the date--I just didn't realize November had flown by so fast. Since then, I … Continue reading Wild rice and root vegetables for Thanksgiving

Mint’s bounty

Last year we planted two varieties of mint--chocolate mint and spearmint. And now we've got mint spreading so rapidly I'm afraid it might march right up and plant itself in my family room. You're wondering what one would do with so much mint? I've got a few ideas. If you'd like to try them, PLEASE, … Continue reading Mint’s bounty