My Month Without Sugar

My husband and I joined (presumably) thousands of New York Times readers who went cold turkey on sugar this January, after reading David Leonhardt's column. I've never been a fan of sugar, as anyone following this blog knows, but I've never avoided it completely. My typical sugar (which includes honey and real maple syrup) intake … Continue reading My Month Without Sugar

Moosewood brownies, 2 ways

It's #NationalBrownDay! Because brownies. Below is the real Moosewood Cookbook brownie recipe. They're gooey and taste incredible--like Dunkin Heinz without all the chemicals. I use whole wheat flour, but no matter because there's hardly any flour in them. They're pretty much sugar and chocolate.  They're heavenly. But on any ol' day, I generally steer clear … Continue reading Moosewood brownies, 2 ways

Homemade Hummus

With the recent Sabra hummus recall, there's no better time to start making homemade hummus. This recipe takes minutes to make in the food processor and tastes better than any store-bought version. Betayvon! HOMEMADE HUMMUS 2 garlic cloves 1 15-oz can of garbanzo beans (chickpeas), drained (save the liquid), or 1 cup soaked and cooked … Continue reading Homemade Hummus

Insanely good apple cake

This apple cake from Smitten Kitchen has become a regular at our Rosh Hashanah table. I use whole wheat flour, replace the oil with apple sauce and reduce the sugar by half to make it healthier. It's insanely good...that is, unless you eat all the apples off the top when before you serve it. Shana … Continue reading Insanely good apple cake

Why I Switched to a Cargo Bike

I have a new Yuba cargo bike, and I've been over-the-top-excited about it ever since I picked it up. Before I explain all that my new bike can carry, allow me to justify why I needed a cargo bike. I've described on this blog many times over the years how our family bikes for transportation. … Continue reading Why I Switched to a Cargo Bike

Kosher Camping in Yellowstone

We took our annual family camping trip to a whole new level this past week by heading to Yellowstone National Park. We had too many adventures to share in one post, so many that we assigned each family member a story to remember and retell. To say the least, I thought I had researched the … Continue reading Kosher Camping in Yellowstone

Yogurt bar & pancakes on Shavuos

As far as I'm concerned, for all that the upcoming holiday, Shavuos, lacks in detailed laws, it makes up for it in delicious foods. I'll take a buttery, broiled filet of fish over a roast any day. Our main course on Shavuos always features fish, coupled with a salad of greens, topped with feta cheese. … Continue reading Yogurt bar & pancakes on Shavuos

Cinco de Mayo pudding

Before I even heard of Mark Bittman, I was making this NY Times recipe for Mexican chocolate pudding. And while I spent most of today thinking about Yom HaShoah, Cinco de Mayo tends to better lend itself to a recipe post. Besides, I could use a chocolate pick-me-up. MEXICAN TOFU PUDDING (from a NY Times … Continue reading Cinco de Mayo pudding

Frozen Passover treats

Do yourself a favor, march over to the dollar store (or if your time is money, go on Amazon), and buy yourself a few packages of popsicle molds for Pesach. Buy a bunch because they break, and use them for the rest of the spring and summer. Fill them with juice and leftover smoothies for … Continue reading Frozen Passover treats

Pesach, Granoladox style

Reposting this from last year, since chometz is going out of style again soon. We start out Pesach with grand plans. We're feeling like royalty--dressed in our finest clothes, the table is set for a king and we even lean to drink our wine. And then, only a few hours into the holiday, the matzah, … Continue reading Pesach, Granoladox style