Three cheers for gluten

It wasn't so long ago that hardly anyone had even heard of gluten. Now, "gluten free" is so common that it's become synonymous with healthy living. Stomach problems? Fatigue? Overweight? Headaches? Maybe gluten's at fault. I don't doubt that those suffering from celiac disease have a critical need to control their diets. I'm just skeptical … Continue reading Three cheers for gluten

Thai cabbage slaw

My whole house filled with the smell of roasted coconut when I made this salad. I closed my eyes and imagined I was smelling tanning lotion at a Pesach hotel instead of cooking in Chicago. A girl can dream, right? I've been making Pesach since I was newly married, only months after I learned to … Continue reading Thai cabbage slaw

Pesach, Granoladox style

Turns out there are a lot of recipes already on this blog that are kosher for Pesach. And since we're all a bit, uh, busy right now, I'll do you a favor. I'll sift through the blog for you. SOUPS Squash soup Cauliflower soup Pumpkin soup Strawberry rhubarb soup Gazpacho SIDES Cauliflower popcorn Farro Salad … Continue reading Pesach, Granoladox style

Homemade yogurt = Science in the kitchen

There's something about eating homemade granola over a bowl of homemade yogurt that makes me feel, well, granola. And since that's a good thing in my book, I sometimes go through a phase of making yogurt myself. This is a whole lot easier than it sounds, which is why people in places like the Middle … Continue reading Homemade yogurt = Science in the kitchen

Almond butter dressing makes everything taste better

I opened my fridge this week to make a big ol' salad only to find nothing but napa cabbage and a diced raw beet. And then I spotted a container of almond butter dressing leftover from the day before. Mmm...this dressing is so good it can even make iceberg lettuce taste gourmet. Toss it over … Continue reading Almond butter dressing makes everything taste better

Monday night miso

My cupboards are still bare, post Yom Tov, and my fridge is looking even worse. That's the typical state of affairs around here on a Monday, which made last night the perfect evening for miso soup. It's just about the easiest soup I make and includes ingredients I always have in stock. I buy miso … Continue reading Monday night miso