Minute soup

Meet miso soup. If you haven't been acquainted, you really ought to get to know each other. That's because this soup is not only delicious, but it's ready in minutes. And any homemade dinner in minutes is a working mom's dear friend. Still, this week my daughter brought miso soup to school in a thermos, … Continue reading Minute soup

Make-Your-Own Grilling Sauce + Grilled Plaintains Bonus Recipe

It's hard to ruin food on a grill. I can assure you, after eating a week's worth of grilled dinners during our family camping trip last week, there wasn't one night that the meal didn't taste fabulous. Sure, there are those who will insist that grilling is an art. You've seen them before. They're the … Continue reading Make-Your-Own Grilling Sauce + Grilled Plaintains Bonus Recipe

Quick summer fixins

My head is still spinning from the previous two weeks. No school, no camp, loads of work, 2 weddings, 2 charity dinners, a half marathon and more. Phew! I'm just beginning to get my life back together. We managed to spend 5 days at the pool and one day at the beach with "Camp Mommy." … Continue reading Quick summer fixins

Cool beans

If I was a better photographer, I'd fill my kitchen with foodie photos from farmers' markets. Except, I'm usually shlepping four kids to those markets. I'll have to settle with the photos from my kitchen. Good thing these beans are so photogenic. I had planned to make a bean salad for Shabbos lunch. Then I … Continue reading Cool beans

Three cheers for gluten

It wasn't so long ago that hardly anyone had even heard of gluten. Now, "gluten free" is so common that it's become synonymous with healthy living. Stomach problems? Fatigue? Overweight? Headaches? Maybe gluten's at fault. I don't doubt that those suffering from celiac disease have a critical need to control their diets. I'm just skeptical … Continue reading Three cheers for gluten

Tuning in on Shabbos

For one day of the week, every Sabbath-observant Jew turns off the buzz of technology, work, money and more to tune in to what's really important: family, friends, community and yes, God. To anyone who's never tried it, it's a wonder how we turn off the gadgets. To anyone who keeps Shabbos, it's a wonder … Continue reading Tuning in on Shabbos

Thai cabbage slaw

My whole house filled with the smell of roasted coconut when I made this salad. I closed my eyes and imagined I was smelling tanning lotion at a Pesach hotel instead of cooking in Chicago. A girl can dream, right? I've been making Pesach since I was newly married, only months after I learned to … Continue reading Thai cabbage slaw

Pesach, Granoladox style

Turns out there are a lot of recipes already on this blog that are kosher for Pesach. And since we're all a bit, uh, busy right now, I'll do you a favor. I'll sift through the blog for you. SOUPS Squash soup Cauliflower soup Pumpkin soup Strawberry rhubarb soup Gazpacho SIDES Cauliflower popcorn Farro Salad … Continue reading Pesach, Granoladox style

Homemade yogurt = Science in the kitchen

There's something about eating homemade granola over a bowl of homemade yogurt that makes me feel, well, granola. And since that's a good thing in my book, I sometimes go through a phase of making yogurt myself. This is a whole lot easier than it sounds, which is why people in places like the Middle … Continue reading Homemade yogurt = Science in the kitchen

Have it your way Tex Mex dinner

Making homemade tortillas every week has meant that I've gotten pretty good at flipping them in the pan. So last night when I flipped a tortilla with one hand while holding my baby in the other (not that I'd recommend cooking while holding a baby!), my daughter exclaimed, "You're like a real cook!" Got her … Continue reading Have it your way Tex Mex dinner