Make-Your-Own Grilling Sauce + Grilled Plaintains Bonus Recipe

It's hard to ruin food on a grill. I can assure you, after eating a week's worth of grilled dinners during our family camping trip last week, there wasn't one night that the meal didn't taste fabulous. Sure, there are those who will insist that grilling is an art. You've seen them before. They're the … Continue reading Make-Your-Own Grilling Sauce + Grilled Plaintains Bonus Recipe

More than 9 ways for 9 days

Forget about frozen pizzas and fish sticks. Vegan and dairy dinners can be the healthiest, yummiest and yes, most filling of all. We may abstain from meat for the 9 days, but that doesn't mean denying your family good, hearty food. Lucky for you, this blog is chock full of all you can eat in … Continue reading More than 9 ways for 9 days

Pesach, Granoladox style

Turns out there are a lot of recipes already on this blog that are kosher for Pesach. And since we're all a bit, uh, busy right now, I'll do you a favor. I'll sift through the blog for you. SOUPS Squash soup Cauliflower soup Pumpkin soup Strawberry rhubarb soup Gazpacho SIDES Cauliflower popcorn Farro Salad … Continue reading Pesach, Granoladox style

Fish tacos for 4-year-olds

The first time I heard of dousing noodles in ketchup and calling it lunch was when my oldest went to a "backyard camp" at age three. Now I'll be honest--I don't come from the most sophisticated culture of childhood lunches. My elementary school fed us two triangles of Wonderbread held together with margarine every day. … Continue reading Fish tacos for 4-year-olds

Fish tacos in 5 (okay, maybe 10) minutes

After summer's last hurrah at the pool yesterday, we arrived home at 5:30PM on what was the first school night of the year. I sent my 8-yr.-old to watch the baby and hoped it would last for 5 minutes so that I could throw dinner together. The perfect grub in 5-10 minutes? Fish tacos. For … Continue reading Fish tacos in 5 (okay, maybe 10) minutes