Vegan pesto pizza

Our garden is heavy on basil these days, which is a good thing because we love pesto. I make it in big batches and freeze portions for the winter.But the truth is, that you can make pesto with just about any herb or nut--even the greens popping out of garlic bulbs. Cut these garlic scapes … Continue reading Vegan pesto pizza


9 days of eating hearty & well

With the beginning of the nine days of mourning, there's hardly a home around here that's not in a tizzy over what to cook for dinner all week. Whether you cook meat every night or not, the idea of having to eat only dairy or parve every day intimidates people. But as someone who hardly … Continue reading 9 days of eating hearty & well

Every picky eater needs a Rachel

I served polenta last night, a quick Italian dish made of corn meal. It's delicious and can be prepared in infinite ways. Most importantly, it's quick and cheap. We all love it--except my pickiest eater. He always claimed to "hate" polenta. Until yesterday evening. When I served the kids polenta, my 6-year-old started with his … Continue reading Every picky eater needs a Rachel

Quick summer meals

With the sun shining outside in Chicago for only a few months a year, there's nothing to keep me inside--not even cooking. But plans at the pool, beach and park don't have to mean a healthy meal won't fit into the agenda. In fact, all this running around requires more fuel! Below are a few … Continue reading Quick summer meals

Best pizza I’ve ever eaten

I picked up The Smitten Kitchen cookbook by Deb Perelman at the library this week, and we've never eaten so well in our lives because of it. After tonight's pizza and leek fritters, my husband insists I buy the book, no matter the cost ($21.93 on Amazon, in case you're curious). I didn't make her … Continue reading Best pizza I’ve ever eaten

Pesach, Granoladox style

We start out Pesach with grand plans. We're feeling like royalty--dressed in our finest clothes, the table is set for a king and we even lean to drink our wine. And then, only a few hours into the holiday, the matzah, matzah balls, brisket, potatoes and  chocolate-eggy-sugary-potato-starch concoction settles in, and we feel like beached … Continue reading Pesach, Granoladox style

Asian ‘burgers’

A friend recently mistakenly ate a meat burger for the first time in 25 years. Now, if that sounds strange, let me assure you she's not the first to vegetarian to eat meat that way. If you've ever tried a veggie burger that looks exactly like meat and tastes pretty darn close to the real … Continue reading Asian ‘burgers’