Sunday morning goodness

It won't take much for this week to prove better than last. The aggravation of seeing our basement turn into a giant toilet bowl (thanks to Chicago's sewer system in a flood) paled in comparison to what our nation experienced. But just to be sure we start this week off on the right foot, we … Continue reading Sunday morning goodness


When did breakfast become dessert?

It's post Pesach, and you've got a plan to start eating healthier. So let's start with breakfast. Yogurt and oatmeal are healthy, right? It depends. Turns out most yogurt and oatmeal that American's eat is actually dessert. Just this past week on Pesach, I accidentally bought coffee yogurt instead of plain. Now, keep in mind, … Continue reading When did breakfast become dessert?

Berry Yummy Cereal Bars…with a spot of tea

Granola Baby is growing up so fast. He likes an afternoon spot of tea these days, begging incessantly for "coco-wawa," which refers to any hot drink--coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Some days I acquiesce to warmed milk with a little chocolate in it, but most days when I prepare my own afternoon coffee, Granola Baby … Continue reading Berry Yummy Cereal Bars…with a spot of tea

Apple cinnamon forgiveness bars

I'm not always the kind of mother that I'd like to be. Some days I'm not even close. It's not that I think I should be perfect. But there are days--like today--when I use words that I shouldn't and silence where I should have used words. Lucky for me, it's almost Rosh Hashanah. I'm a … Continue reading Apple cinnamon forgiveness bars

Sneaky mama for picky kids

No school + no camp yet = no time. Sure, we're having fun, but I hardly have time to breathe, let alone cook and eat. For lunch, we're feasting on smoothies. And at breakfast. And for snacks. And sometimes for dinner, too. Good thing they're full of good eats. Lately, I've been sneaking spinach into … Continue reading Sneaky mama for picky kids

Berry almond smoothie

It doesn't take much to inspire a smoothie around here. A few days of good weather, and we're eating them every day. I pack them for lunches in water bottles or make them for after-school snacks. Just about any frozen fruit, combined with a banana, yogurt and milk makes a delicious smoothie, but lately we've … Continue reading Berry almond smoothie

Banana berry cake

I've been on a yogurt-making kick, and I'm two for three. The first batch was great, the second phenomenal, and the third batch bombed. I think I let it cool too much before bundling it in a blanket, but never mind that because my bad yogurt begot banana berry cake. This recipe would also work … Continue reading Banana berry cake