Odds & Ends Soup

We've eaten mighty well this summer and fall. Our garden has been a success, yielding loads of greens, peppers, tomatoes and herbs. And we joined a CSA (community supported agriculture), which meant that a local organic farm added to our garden harvest. (Check out their website for next year's shares.) All that goodness makes me … Continue reading Odds & Ends Soup

Seeking breathing room + a good meal

Remember Madlibs? Those books were my favorite as a camper. Let's try this one about my Sunday. You fill in the blanks with the activities that took up your Sunday because I know it wasn't any easier. But do me a favor--leave out the inappropriate answers. This is granolaDOX, people. 6AM: I woke up to … Continue reading Seeking breathing room + a good meal

Simplifying Sukkos

12 meals. Count 'em. Of course, you'll have to count this Shabbos to get to 14, but those are just details. You might grow crazy thinking about it. You'll most definitely gain weight eating it. I can't say I've got the absolute solution to how to cook (and eat!) so many meals, but I've got … Continue reading Simplifying Sukkos

More than 9 ways for 9 days

Forget about frozen pizzas and fish sticks. Vegan and dairy dinners can be the healthiest, yummiest and yes, most filling of all. We may abstain from meat for the 9 days, but that doesn't mean denying your family good, hearty food. Lucky for you, this blog is chock full of all you can eat in … Continue reading More than 9 ways for 9 days

Fresh is best

I have a confession: I just threw out a container of bay leaves from our first apartment. Why I never tossed them during the FOUR times we moved in the last decade, I cannot tell you. Truth is, spices in an airtight container last a long time. Still, though, after two years, they lose potency. … Continue reading Fresh is best

Perfect popcorn

Homemade popcorn's been a Shabbos afternoon staple around here for years because it's yummy, healthy, easy and cheap. Inevitably when I serve it to our Shabbos guests, someone always remarks with wonder that I made it in a pot. I promise you, it's easier than making noodles, and once you make it, you'll never return … Continue reading Perfect popcorn

Move over Starbucks

Somewhere in between my 5(!) carpools yesterday, I had a few minutes with nothing to do but wait. **Warning: this can be dangerous anywhere near a Starbucks drive-thru. I decided to splurge on a tall latte, which rang up to $3.14. That would be $.12 more than the last time I got a Starbucks, so … Continue reading Move over Starbucks

Fall for coffee

Remember that Folger's commercial where the parents roll out of bed only when they smell the coffee? As a working mother of 4, that's basically the scene around here. Only I'm the one usually making the coffee. And no one's allowed to start nagging before I get to drink it. Sure, I like Starbucks as … Continue reading Fall for coffee

Salmon, two ways

If you're anything like me, you're defrosting salmon from Jewel's 9-days salmon sale today. In fact, without taking an official survey, I'd venture to guess that the significant majority of my friends and neighbors will be feasting on salmon tomorrow evening, before the fast of Tisha B'Av. My favorite way to cook salmon (or any … Continue reading Salmon, two ways

Giving my food processor the counter space it deserves

Last Chanukah I decided I was absolutely never grating another potato by hand. So, despite my resistance to adding another appliance to my tiny kitchen, I splurged on a food processor (it was around my anniversary, after all). My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Here are five reasons I keep my … Continue reading Giving my food processor the counter space it deserves