Dark chocolate cherry oat bars

When your kids are driving you mad, your house is a mess, and your work deadlines are piling up, make this recipe. If the tasty, sorta-healthy treat doesn't cheer you up, squeezing the cherries will. Something about squeezing the juice from ripe (or thawed) cherries is intensely gratifying--kind of how I imagine kids used to … Continue reading Dark chocolate cherry oat bars


Celebration smoothies for Israel Independence Day

My job as communications director at a Modern Orthodox Jewish high school has many advantages, chief among them is that I get paid to celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut. Here are some highlights of how we celebrated Israel's 64th birthday today. Granola Baby joined me at work for a lively round of Yom HaAtzmaut dancing, where teenage … Continue reading Celebration smoothies for Israel Independence Day

Almond butter cake

My father-in-law has a thing for almond butter and sardines.--not together, of course. Sardines are banned from my house because they smell. But almond butter? He used to bring it every time he'd come, and it got to the point where I would have three unopened jars in my cupboard.  That was until I started … Continue reading Almond butter cake

Pesach desserts that aren’t full of sugar and egg and don’t cost an arm and a leg

Pesach desserts usually fall into one of two categories. 1. Desserts that taste like cardboard, or 2. Desserts that taste almost as good as chometz. The problem with the latter is the amount of eggs, sugar and potato starch they take. So, here's my list of desserts that taste good and let you leave the … Continue reading Pesach desserts that aren’t full of sugar and egg and don’t cost an arm and a leg

Double dinners this week

Pesach is expensive enough as it is; the food alone is at least double what I would normally spend in a week. Add to that the spring clothes and shoes we all need, yom tov gifts, chol hamoed activities and the random gadgets I purchase for the kitchen--and we've just about blown our budget for … Continue reading Double dinners this week

Berry almond smoothie

It doesn't take much to inspire a smoothie around here. A few days of good weather, and we're eating them every day. I pack them for lunches in water bottles or make them for after-school snacks. Just about any frozen fruit, combined with a banana, yogurt and milk makes a delicious smoothie, but lately we've … Continue reading Berry almond smoothie

Chocolate dippin’ sauce for an after school snack

Teachers who assign a lot of homework should have to spend one evening in my home after school. If you're a mom of school-age children--enough said. But just in case, here's a typical afternoon: 1. Two cranky kids storm through the door at 4:40PM for the first time since leaving the house at 8AM. They've … Continue reading Chocolate dippin’ sauce for an after school snack