Granoladox Cafe

No, I haven't decided to quit my day job. But for one day only, stop by the Granoladox Cafe for some good, healthy eats. We'll be guessed it--granola. And the best part? Food is free! Chag Purim Sameach!

Waffles for dinner

If I could go back and tweak our wedding registry, there are a few items I could do without. That Nambe bowl that everyone my age owns? No thanks. And the enormous mixer that takes up half of any decent-sized kitchen counter? I brought that back to Bed, Bath & Beyond ages ago. But the … Continue reading Waffles for dinner

Gramma Mae’s pancakes

I never met Gramma Mae, but I think I would have liked her. My husband's family tells stories of her that always leave everyone laughing and admiring her for her wit, willingness to say whatever she liked and fabulous cooking. Her recipes were never precise or difficult--she'd even use eggshells to measure out ingredients--but they … Continue reading Gramma Mae’s pancakes