Lessons Learned in Silence

Today marks the first day I can talk after two weeks of post vocal chord surgery voice rest. It was hard, it was frustrating and above it was all annoying. Try figuring out Purim costumes for four kids, including a teenager, without talking. You know those late talking, two year olds who act out, hitting … Continue reading Lessons Learned in Silence


Purim Bannontashen

Once upon a time there was a buffoon of a king who had a tremendous amount of money. He also had a big ego, so he was convinced he was, like, a really smart person. Despite his foolishness, many of his countrymen loved him, and even some Jews attended his bigly party. He ruled over … Continue reading Purim Bannontashen

My Month Without Sugar

My husband and I joined (presumably) thousands of New York Times readers who went cold turkey on sugar this January, after reading David Leonhardt's column. I've never been a fan of sugar, as anyone following this blog knows, but I've never avoided it completely. My typical sugar (which includes honey and real maple syrup) intake … Continue reading My Month Without Sugar

Moosewood brownies, 2 ways

It's #NationalBrownDay! Because brownies. Below is the real Moosewood Cookbook brownie recipe. They're gooey and taste incredible--like Dunkin Heinz without all the chemicals. I use whole wheat flour, but no matter because there's hardly any flour in them. They're pretty much sugar and chocolate.  They're heavenly. But on any ol' day, I generally steer clear … Continue reading Moosewood brownies, 2 ways

Homemade Hummus

With the recent Sabra hummus recall, there's no better time to start making homemade hummus. This recipe takes minutes to make in the food processor and tastes better than any store-bought version. Betayvon! HOMEMADE HUMMUS 2 garlic cloves 1 15-oz can of garbanzo beans (chickpeas), drained (save the liquid), or 1 cup soaked and cooked … Continue reading Homemade Hummus

Insanely good apple cake

This apple cake from Smitten Kitchen has become a regular at our Rosh Hashanah table. I use whole wheat flour, replace the oil with apple sauce and reduce the sugar by half to make it healthier. It's insanely good...that is, unless you eat all the apples off the top when before you serve it. Shana … Continue reading Insanely good apple cake

Why I Switched to a Cargo Bike

I have a new Yuba cargo bike, and I've been over-the-top-excited about it ever since I picked it up. Before I explain all that my new bike can carry, allow me to justify why I needed a cargo bike. I've described on this blog many times over the years how our family bikes for transportation. … Continue reading Why I Switched to a Cargo Bike