As far as I’m concerned, for all that the upcoming holiday, Shavuos, lacks in detailed laws, it makes up for it in delicious foods. I’ll take a buttery, broiled filet of fish over a roast any day.

Our main course on Shavuos always features fish, coupled with a salad of greens, topped with feta cheese.

But it’s the first course that is the most fun. We put out a large bowl of lightly sweetened yogurt (find out how to make your own) and a bunch of small bowls of toppings: berries, granola, chocolate chips, nuts, bananas–you get the picture. Everybody serves up their own awesome bowl of yogurt, which definitely pleases the kids and the adults as well.

Add to that Berry pancakes, and we’re set for Shavuos.

For more dairy Shavuos dishes, try cheesy steak fries, roasted asparagus pizza and Italian garden pasta with feta.

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