This year’s seder night (Friday, April 3), leaves many of us wondering when to turn over the kitchen. Do it Sunday, and you’re left to either eat kosher for Passover food for 2 full weeks or scramble for meals for the first week. Do it on a weekday, and you’re kashering in between work and kids.

Whatever you decide, make the whole process easier by doubling your dinners for this week. Next week, you’ll happily eat normal dinners, reheated in the microwave and skip the crowds at the kosher restaurants. Pesach is expensive enough as it is!

Our plan is as follows:

1. Lasagna. You don’t need me to give you a lasagna recipe. It’s just about the simplest food to make. I will tell you, though, that it’s the one noodle dish that you can sneak in whole wheat noodles without anyone noticing. I’ll also tell you that you should be using ricotta cheese–not cottage cheese (ew!).

2. Homemade pizza. Homemade pizza crust is so simple, it takes all of three minutes to prepare. Bake the pizzas now and freeze.

Roasted whole wheat pizza and asparagus shavings
Roasted whole wheat pizza and asparagus shavings

3. Burritos. All you need to cook for burritos is a pot of rice. Make it the day before you kasher your stove, and you can eat burritos, tacos and taco salad for the next few days.

Build your own taco salad
Build your own taco salad

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