israel flag copyThere are no words to describe the indescribable. For those that have been able to record their thoughts on Israel right now, I applaud them. There’s been a lot of inspiration spread through those posts of strength during one of the most volatile and difficult times for the Jewish people in recent memory.

There’s been a lot of hatred disseminated as well.

So here’s my suggestion because, well, I’m just always full of suggestions and, like it or not, I have a hard time keeping them to myself.

How about this for a Facebook diet for the sake of a stronger community? Before posting opinion articles (i.e. not actual news) on social media, we all ask ourselves if the information will have a positive effect on readers. Will we feel more connected to Israel and more united? Will we be more inspired to grow? If the answer is “yes,” you’re spreading good and increasing unity. If the answer is “no,” and the post will only make us hate the other side more, then keep it to yourself.

Because if I’m connected to you on social media, it’s because I like you. I’d like to keep liking you, literally and figuratively.

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