There are two seasons in Chicago: Winter Hell and Summer Sewage. After two floods in fewer than 10 days and the sticker shock of how much money it will take to prevent a third–I needed a vacation.

This basement WAS brand new...
This basement WAS brand new…

I found my oasis yesterday in the Skokie Lagoons. I’ve rented canoes there a lot with the kids and always had fun. But today was my day. I went for a long run on the trails and then spent one hour on my kayak alone. In that one hour, I saw at least eight blue herons and a white version of the bird that I think was a white crane. I’m not a bird watcher, by any means, but a giant bird that looks a whole lot like a dinosaur as it swoops across the sky is just awesome. Add to that the storybook lily pads with perfect white flowers growing from them in the water, and I was completed rejuvenated.

Urban Oasis

That is, until I got home to find the flood restoration men tearing up the brand new basement. Maybe the Lagoons again today?

2 thoughts on “Vacation is only a few miles away

  1. So nice to see you yesterday. I hope your watermelon was good!! Just wanted to let you know you are not the only one who took water. We bought our house last week and 3 days after closing it flooded and then again at the beginning of the week. fortunately it is not finished yet but we feel your pain. have a good Shabbos (and 4th)

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