Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 4.26.08 PMI live in a neighborhood made for walking. The streets are narrow, everything is nearby and there isn’t much parking.

The only problem is that EVERYBODY drives. At camp, where nearly everyone lives within a half mile, the carpool line loops all the way around the building. For sure there are drivers from farther away, and there are those moms with crazy camp pickup schedules (how does one be at multiple places at the same time, exactly?) or those that drive off to work–but most people are driving just because. Because we moms are always in a rush, because it is easier, because we can’t imagine doing a biking or walking “carpool” and because it is our habit.

However, there are so many benefits if a few more moms who can would instead choose to walk.

1. We and our kids would get 1/2 mile to 1 mile round trip exercise.

2. We will model healthy habits.

3. Our streets wouldn’t be so congested.

4. Our cars would last longer and be cheaper (I fill my tank only once(!) a month in the summer.

5. Carpool lines wouldn’t be a mess. And we wouldn’t have to buckle a bunch of kids into the van.

The easiest way to get moving is walking. By necessity, Orthodox Jews all live within walking distance of synagogues, friends and institutions. Yet, the only time most people walk is on Shabbos! Sure, walking takes a few more minutes, but it’s worth every one. Weight loss, sleep regulation, muscle development, decreased risk of heart disease, osteoporosis and diabetes are only some of the many benefits of walking. Walking is also a way to connect with friends along the way or take time to think.

See you on the streets!

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