My 6-year-old started a candy business, and now his wallet is so full of cash, that we call him Mr. Money Bags. I actually borrow money from him regularly. And a savvy businessman he is. He sells his candy at 100% profit because well-meaning adults actually give him loads of candy for FREE. He then sells it to his mother for $1.

You might think $1 is a steep price to pay for a candy that likely costs less, but know that a cavity filling costs $100 at the dentist. I can tell you because he had eight of them last year.

But some days, selling really awesome candy is not so easy for a 6-year-old. And because this transaction is by no means compulsory, yesterday I decided to sweeten the deal when he later regretted handing over a big candy stick. A homemade hot cocoa did the trick.

Cheers, Mr. Money Bags.

Who is rich? The one who is happy with his lot.
Who is rich? The one who is happy with his lot…and whose teeth don’t rot.

1 cup milk of choice per person (real milk or vegan milk will all work)
1t cocoa powder per person (I use Trader Joe’s or Hershey’s, and it doesn’t need a kosher symbol)
1/2t vanilla (or 1t if you’re making a lot of cups of milk)
1.5t maple syrup per cup of milk

Heat milk in a sauce pot on medium heat for a few minutes without letting it boil. In a separate bowl, stir together cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla and syrup. Once milk is hot, stir chocolate mixture into the pot.
dash cinnamon. If it’s bitter, add a little more syrup.

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