Not sure what I dread more when a new school year comes around: homework or packing lunches. Both take up time I don’t have, and neither seem to do much good for my kids.

For the homework, my plan is to pass off the problem to two high school kids–one who I am hiring to come every week to take a stab at it and another who moved in with us for the school year. Surely there will be fewer tears with smart high school girls around, right?

As for the lunches, I’m carrying on with my Bento Box plan from last year. It went pretty well, although my oldest decided it was too weird. She insists on taking a normal lunch bag to school, complete with Ziploc baggies. (But, if enough readers copy us, she just might think it’s cool again…hint, hint!)

My other kids still appreciate the Bento Box, and the real food it contains. We found lots of options for this year’s boxes at Target.

As far as filling them, leftovers from dinner sometimes works. As do frozen smoothies in these silicon tubes from Amazon. (Just don’t overfill them, or they’ll burst all over your kid’s lunch. Ew.)

Smoothie tubes

We sometimes ditch the Bento Boxes for a thermos of soup too. These ones from Amazon keep the food warm enough until lunch.

Crackers and soup for lunch mixes things up a bit.
Crackers and soup for lunch mixes things up a bit.

Hoping this year is a great one!

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