You can't resist buying desserts from these kids, right?
You can’t resist buying these desserts, right?

See these kids? They’re busy baking for you. School’s out for summer, and they’re offering you more time by the pool. They’ll do the baking and you’ll still enjoy healthy, homemade treats.

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These treats are healthy enough to eat for breakfast, but yummy enough that your kids will consider them dessert. Most ingredients are organic, eggs are cage free and all items contain minimal amounts of refined sugar and no refined flour. Place orders by Wednesday, otherwise, desserts are first come, first serve. Email or message me on my Granoladox Facebook page.

Granola Kids Chocolate Chip Muffins ~$2.50
These muffins are full of oat flour and almond flour goodness, with enough banana and chocolate chips to trick your kids into eating them. Packages come with 6 muffins. Wheat flour-free option available upon request.

‘Caramel’ Popcorn ~$1.50
Maple syrup and sea salt give this popcorn its salty-sweet flavor. Serve your kids caramel popcorn without worrying about all the sugar stuck in their teeth afterward. Unless you eat it all first. Packages come with 2 servings.

Granola Clusters ~$2.50
Forget about serving sugar cereals for a treat on Shabbos morning. Offer this granola with enough chocolate chips to hide the flax seeds instead.

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