Purim is just around the corner and rather than throw my hands up and join the junk food feast, I’ve got a two-part plan. My first plan is to share healthy shalach manos with our neighbors and friends. We’ve got dried fruit and granola galore (of course!) for adults and families.


For all the little people headed our way, we’ve planted melon flowers in small cups of brownies. It’s a little more laborious than stuffing candy in a bag, but I’ve got lots of helpers. Plus, none of it cost more than candy would have.


Part two of my Purim plan involves bribery. And as you know, I’m not above it when it comes to teaching my kids to eat healthy. Together, we’ve come up with a reasonable amount of treats to keep from shalach manos. They’re selling the rest to me for $10. That’s $30 all together for my three kids, but it’s money well spent, don’t you think?

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