Share this link on your Facebook page and on those of your friends. Every time you see this image or this link, commit to one random act of kindness in memory of the victims of Sandy Hook. With all of our social media contacts, we can spread a lot of light. May the memories of those killed in Newtown be for a blessing and may the victims’ families have strength and courage to carry on.


Like everyone, I haven’t stopped thinking about Newtown’s victims since I first heard the horrific news.

And like every parent, I can’t stop visualizing the mothers who hurriedly sent their children off to school on Friday, only to come home to the empty cereal bowls and half-finished Lego projects of children who would never return.

Since Friday, I’ve been vacillating between despondence and anger. Anger over our country’s poor mental healthcare combined with the ability of nearly anybody to get his hands on weapons meant for war. Surely we can do better.

And as I considered how to talk to my own children about this unspeakable tragedy, I realized where I should be focusing my energy and thoughts.

The only way to personally counter a small measure of this atrocity is to spread light into the world. There is no way to heal the sorrow of the people of Newtown. But that doesn’t mean the rest of us are helpless in the face of darkness. Because just as evil shatters worlds beyond measure, goodness and kindness reverberates beyond measure.

Committing to doing a random act of kindness in memory of the victims of Newtown–offering a kind word to a co-worker, giving up a seat for a stranger, spending extra time with a child who needs it–all of these acts bring light into the world. God knows we need it.

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