Today was my day to choose the family activity.

Over Sukkos, my kids had already taken a train and boat tour (explicit directions here) of Chicago, ending at the Hershey’s store, seen a live concert and visited a pumpkin farm and spectacular park.

But when I told my gang that we were headed to the Forest Preserve to bike along side my run, my oldest looked at me with an expression so perfectly captured on Thursday by my friend, Shevy, who conveniently is a professional photographer:

“That’s what we’re doing today?”

You don’t know how good you’ve got it, kid.

My kids begrudgingly donned fleeces and gloves as I loaded up the jogging stroller and bikes.

Twenty minutes later, we met friends at the Forest Preserve in Morton Grove and together biked and ran 3 miles through a fall forest scene that rivals any in the Midwest.

At the end, my running partner looked at me stunned that the kids were able to bike so far and fast. We had to run nearly a minute faster to keep up with them.

I got back in the car to hear my daughter admit, “That was fun.”

Granola Baby relaxed in the stroller the whole time, happiest of all.

Looks like Mommy’s ideas aren’t so bad after all.

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