I didn’t always know how to cook. In fact, I used to make instant soup for dinner by heating the water in a coffee pot. Every day.

Yes, I’ve moved beyond my Ramen and cereal days of college, except I recently reverted back in one arena.

The sandwich maker.

At Target, right next to the husband pillows, futons and plastic dishes you’ll find a whole slew of them for cheap right now.

Buy one. It will change your life.

Or at least your lunch. And the school lunches of your kids.

That is, unless you don’t like hot, cheesy, gooey awesomeness.

2 slices whole wheat bread (even the sprouted bread tastes good in one of these!) or half a pita
Your choice of shredded cheese
Thinly sliced veggies of your choice: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms
Spinach or kale

Warm the sandwich maker and coat thinly with butter. Prepare the sandwich and be careful not to make it too thick. Place in sandwich maker for 2-3 minutes.

Tip: prepare your sandwiches at night and place them in the fridge for the morning. Cook the sandwiches in the morning and wrap them in foil. They’ll stay warm until lunch.

2 thoughts on “Move over Panera

  1. I can’t believe you know what a husband pillow is. You are the only person I know that calls it that. I have a funny story about it…I’ll tell you when I see you next. I actually use my waffle maker as a sandwich maker. Works just as well.

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