It’s been one year since starting this blog and adopting what has since become my alter ego.

In honor of the occasion, I’m reposting a few granola recipes… This is Granoladox, after all.

Thanks to everyone for reading!

Granola: My every morning breakfast.

Chocolate chip granola bars: A staple in our house.

Carrot cake granola bars: Mmm…enough said.

Fruity granola bars: These had their debut on Tu BeShevat. Big hit among ladies who came to my holiday cooking class.


8 thoughts on “Anniversary blog

  1. Wendy, I’ve been following your blog and enjoying your recipes. I am also an avid runner and biker, but I never take my kids on the bike. Might have to try that…

    1. Nice to hear from you, Debbie. Wanna come do a race in Chicago? Bring your kids and borrow our bike gear too! Hope you’re having a great summer. Take care, Wendy

  2. Congrats, Wendy! I love following the blog and get such a kick out of the fun you’re having with your kids. The recipes are great, too!

  3. Happy Anniversary Wendy. I am also a fan and am about to go make those blueberry muffins that you posted. Lots of love to you!

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