Well, shiver me timbers!

Today was me most swashblucklin’ day of me life.

Since I’m a big lad of 5, I asked me parents for a pirate party.
They invited over a few of me mates to search for booty and even walk the plank.

We painted parrots, searched me yard for gold and tackled an obstacle course
that ended with some landlubbers walkin’ the plank.

Me mom made a cake in the shape of a pirate hat with this yummy cake recipe.
We stole the idea for the hat from this website.

Then we devoured it with some pirate booty.

I said goodbye to me mateys and headed off to sea to test out me sea legs.

It was me first time in me furner, and I had a jolly good time.

So if you’re intendin’ to find ye’ own swaggy, don’t be lootin’ mine.
Check out the kayaks at Chicago River Paddle.
They’re so cheap, ye won’t even need to steal ’em.

Yo’ ho, ho!

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