Summer veggie sides

Summer's officially here, and if the Shavuot heat wave didn't signal the end of my time slaving over a hot stove, then I'm not sure what will. For summer dinners, I need fast food--and I don't mean the kind from the drive-thru. Dinners shouldn't take more than a few minutes, and definitely shouldn't require the … Continue reading Summer veggie sides

Getting girls moving

This week we finished ACHDUS Runners, a fall and spring running program for girls in grades 3-5. I had hopes that the girls would be able to run 3 miles by the end, similarly to Girls on the Run programs, but I'll be honest--I had my doubts. Three miles for girls that couldn't even run … Continue reading Getting girls moving

The best-kept secret in women’s medicine

The New York Times Magazine last week featured Ina May Gaskin, "the original home-birth evangelist" in an article that left the reader pondering whether there could possibly be a middle ground between home births on Gaskin's Tennessee Farm and the traditional hospital maternity ward where one-third of all American babies are delivered surgically. "It should … Continue reading The best-kept secret in women’s medicine