FREE summer fun

As we gear up for a few weeks of freedom before camps start up, I'm reposting my summer fun ideas and adding a few more. For the sake of my sanity (and yours!) here is a list of some of our favorite summer activities. And since my summer fun budget is pretty small, you can … Continue reading FREE summer fun

Family fitness plus iced treats

I don' t know about Happiest Baby on the Block, but after logging loads of miles in the jogging stroller and the bike trailer over the past year, Granola Baby might win the prize for fittest baby on the block. My 4-year-old, though, has been at a harder age to join me on runs this … Continue reading Family fitness plus iced treats

Spring fruits & a farmers’ market monkey

There's a big sign in the middle of our Evanston farmers' market that reads: No Dogs Allowed in Farmers' Market. If it weren't so non-PC, they might add: No Walking Babies Allowed in Farmers' Market. I was fully unprepared for my first trip to the market with Granola Baby this year. Did I mention his … Continue reading Spring fruits & a farmers’ market monkey

Summer veggie sides

Summer's officially here, and if the Shavuot heat wave didn't signal the end of my time slaving over a hot stove, then I'm not sure what will. For summer dinners, I need fast food--and I don't mean the kind from the drive-thru. Dinners shouldn't take more than a few minutes, and definitely shouldn't require the … Continue reading Summer veggie sides

Getting girls moving

This week we finished ACHDUS Runners, a fall and spring running program for girls in grades 3-5. I had hopes that the girls would be able to run 3 miles by the end, similarly to Girls on the Run programs, but I'll be honest--I had my doubts. Three miles for girls that couldn't even run … Continue reading Getting girls moving

The best-kept secret in women’s medicine

The New York Times Magazine last week featured Ina May Gaskin, "the original home-birth evangelist" in an article that left the reader pondering whether there could possibly be a middle ground between home births on Gaskin's Tennessee Farm and the traditional hospital maternity ward where one-third of all American babies are delivered surgically. "It should … Continue reading The best-kept secret in women’s medicine