If you live in my neighborhood, you’ve probably seen me. I’m the Mama Duck on a bike with a baby in the trailer and three more ducklings trailing on bikes behind me. We get around the neighborhood this way from spring through fall, biking to any place within 2 miles.

I have friends and strangers who shout out their car windows at us. Sometimes they’re shouting obscenities (cyclists ruffle some drivers’ feathers), but usually they’re lavishing praises.

“World’s Best Mom!”

“You’re so good!”

“You’re so healthy!”

We don’t bike for the praises. Or, for that matter, because I’m the best mom (just ask my 9-yr.-old who told me last week I’m the worst). The truth is, that biking is loads of fun and a whole lot easier than navigating crowded streets and overcrowded curbs during camp carpools. Even on a hot day. Even in a sheitel.

So, this week, for our first week of camp, we’re having a “No Car Challenge.” We haven’t used the 2-ton gas-guzzling beast yet, and we’re determined not to use it until next week (Update: We may be caught in the car later today. Looks like Granola Baby needs to head to the doctor).

And my challenge for you? Pick one errand or carpool and do it by foot or by bike. Sure, it’ll take more effort, but most worthwhile things do.

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