Granola Baby reminds me of my Papa. Not only because Papa is our baby’s namesake and he was born on his birthday (the same birthday as our oldest daughter, as well!), but he looks a little like him too. He’s got the same blue eyes that twinkle when he makes the same funny “O” shape with his mouth and the same male pattern baldness. He has a habit of whacking a ball around the house with a vacuum cleaner extender as if he’s out for a good game of golf.

And lately, he does a little old man dance where he sways side to side with his elbows up and his tush out. I don’t care if the baby’s mine or anybody elses–there might not be anything cuter than a baby dancing to the beat.

Good thing there’s loads of family-friendly, live music here in Chicago this summer. Most of it’s free, and some of it’s right around the corner.

Chicago neighborhood summer festival guide

Ravinia calendar(I highly recommend Tom Chapin for finding lots of dancing babies)

Free Thursday night summer concerts at James Park (aka Mt. Trashmore)

Live music at Evanston farmers’ markets

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