With strawberries now ripe for picking, this summer’s pick-your-own season has officially begun. Now, if you’re wondering why anyone would drive over an hour to pick fruit that is available right down the road at the grocery, then you’ve likely never had fruit picked right off the tree. It’s an entirely different species.

Lucky for us, there are numerous farms and orchards just a short drive from our home. We try to make the trip to Thompson’s early summer, cherry picking in Door County and apples in the fall. A day trip can mean enough fruit to last for weeks or even all year!

Thompson’s Strawberry Farm in Bristol, Wisconsin, just over the border. Strawberries are ripe mid-June through July 4 and raspberries are ripe in late August.

Harvest Time Orchards in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin. Cherries are ready in July.
Johnson’s Farm in Hobart, Indiana. Strawberries are ready in early June and blueberries and raspberries are ready July and August.

Merrillville Farms  in Hobart, Indiana. Blueberries, corn (sweet), cucumbers, melons, peppers, pumpkins, tomatoes and more.
For more information or more farms, go to pickyourown.org

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