Biking to ‘carpool’

Much to the astonishment of the 4-yr.-old boy in my carpool, I picked up the kids from Tai Kwan Do on my bike. Pointing to my bike and trailer, he asked, "Where do you get this thing?" And then, before I could answer, he exclaimed, "You should have brought a car!" My son merely rolled … Continue reading Biking to ‘carpool’


Free therapy in the Forest Preserve

Ten deer, a blue jay, a dozen retirees and me. Oh, and my sleeping baby. We were the only ones in the Forest Preserve this past Friday morning. I hadn't planned to seek out the tranquility of the Forest Preserve, but I couldn't help but feel rejuvenated. When I decided to add another run to … Continue reading Free therapy in the Forest Preserve

Dark chocolate cherry oat bars

When your kids are driving you mad, your house is a mess, and your work deadlines are piling up, make this recipe. If the tasty, sorta-healthy treat doesn't cheer you up, squeezing the cherries will. Something about squeezing the juice from ripe (or thawed) cherries is intensely gratifying--kind of how I imagine kids used to … Continue reading Dark chocolate cherry oat bars

Fresh is best

I have a confession: I just threw out a container of bay leaves from our first apartment. Why I never tossed them during the FOUR times we moved in the last decade, I cannot tell you. Truth is, spices in an airtight container last a long time. Still, though, after two years, they lose potency. … Continue reading Fresh is best

Party motivators come to WRP

I've learned a lot of birthday party planning lessons over the last 9 years. 1. Don't start 'til age 5, when the kids are old enough to stay without crying or asking for help in the bathroom. 2. Plan more activities than necessary. 3. Cut off the parties after 1st grade when the kids no … Continue reading Party motivators come to WRP

Granola pops and almond butter cake

One of the unintended consequences of writing a food blog is that all anyone talks to me about is food. From school to work to shul and yes, even in a public bathroom--people tell me about food. If they're eating healthy, the tell me about it so I'll be proud. And if they're not, people … Continue reading Granola pops and almond butter cake

Best honey ever

I have always had a thing for cinnamon. So much so that my high school journalism teacher, Miss Hines (I never actually had her, but that's a technicality), sent me off to college with a Sam's Club canister of fireballs. I ate the whole thing first semester. By myself. These days I don't eat much … Continue reading Best honey ever