Getting crafty

Sometimes I get an inexplicable crafty urge. And it's never at a good time. I've tiled my basement floor during maternity leave and painted a bedroom with my kid running around in diapers (wouldn't want the paint to get on his clothes!). I once ran over to Michael's just before closing time to buy supplies … Continue reading Getting crafty

Food my 4-year-old will eat

A friend asked this week, after I posted my Something from Nothing stew, what's my secret to getting my kids to try new foods. I can't say that I have any brilliant ideas other than to start them while they're young (check out Granola Baby's first eats) and make them try dinner before offering an … Continue reading Food my 4-year-old will eat

Trail mix for Parshas Beshalach

If I ever had a chance to sit down and read the Torah portion on Shabbos, it would be this week's parsha. It's jammed pack--the Jews finally escape Egypt only to be pursued by Pharoah and his great army. The sea splits, the Jews cross, the Egyptians drown and the women go wild singing and … Continue reading Trail mix for Parshas Beshalach