He inhaled two.

The first time I heard of dousing noodles in ketchup and calling it lunch was when my oldest went to a “backyard camp” at age three. Now I’ll be honest–I don’t come from the most sophisticated culture of childhood lunches. My elementary school fed us two triangles of Wonderbread held together with margarine every day. But ketchup and noodles? Ew. (And yes, my daughter loved it.)

While ketchup is always a way to get kids to eat foods they otherwise might not touch, so is cheese. And loads of cheese go a lot better with fish tacos. Just ask my 4-year-old.

1lb. of Tilapia
1T butter or olive oil
2 cloves minced garlic
2T zahatar
1t soy sauce
corn tortillas
mozzarella cheese
handful of spinach
Salsa verde

Saute the fish over medium heat in oil or butter until brown and slightly crispy on the edges. Add the minced garlic and soy sauce and sauté one more minute. Lay on tortillas and cover with spinach and cheese. Microwave for 30 seconds. Add salsa for those who like it.



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