I had big plans to take my kids to Make a Messterpiece in Glenview today. It’s the last day of their winter break and my morning off from the office. They’d spent most of their mornings with babysitters, so I felt like I owed them a fun outing. More like I needed to appease my working mom guilt by providing a fun outing. Turns out I was the only one disappointed when a snow storm changed our plans. Sometimes a day at home is just as important (if not more) for developing the kids’ imaginations.

Here’s how we spent our snow day:

1. To my total shock, my girls decided to start the day by organizing their room. Who are you and what did you do with my children?

2. Library DVD’s entertained everyone while the baby slept and I finished cooking Shabbos.

3. Make a Messterpiece in our basement. We collected all the tiny things from the girls’ room, plus lots of crafty pieces from around the house and started make a mural on the wall of my someday-we’ll-demolish-this-dump basement. This project could go on for weeks!

4. Homemade whip cream for tomorrow morning’s Parsha and Cocoa session and almond butter cookies.

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